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Why mitesh rathi classes is best iit jee coaching in bhopal?
Mitesh Rathi Classes is Best Coaching for new pattern of IIT-JEE in Bhopal.Maximum selection in JEE Advanced become Top & Best IIT JEE Coaching in Bhopal.Mitesh rathi classes is Best IIT JEE coaching Institute Bhopal because of good infrastructure, experienced faculties and rigorous test series for JEE Main and advanced. MRC Best IIT JEE Coaching Bhopal
How does the study environment of Mitesh Rathi Classes differs from other institutes?

The Teaching Methodology implemented in Mitesh Rathi Classes is excellent. Syllabus is completed in time with proper academic planning and all the topics of IIT JEE Main & Advanced and School syllabus too are covered. Test Series, Study Hours, Self Study & Revision classes gives additional advantage to the students in Mitesh Rathi Classes.

How does Mitesh Rathi Classes balance School exam results as well as IIT -JEE Main & Advanced results?

With our specially designed tools such as CRQ & Packages, we manage both Board Level & JEE-Main/Advanced results simultaneously. CRQ (Class Room Questions) includes Board Level Questions followed by IIT -JEE Main & Advanced questions. Packages consist of Board/JEE Main & Advanced level questions with answers which make our students competent for all exams. MRC also conducts continuous Test series in order to prepare the environment of Board/JEE Main & Advanced exams.

How does Mitesh Rathi Classes Test Series (TS) help student?

The Test Series conducted by Mitesh Rathi Classes is excellent and unique. It is the best for both board level as well as the IIT JEE-Main and Advanced. The TS covers all the topics in a planned way, to achieve excellent results in Board, JEE Main & Advanced.

What is the method used by Mitesh Rathi Classes for clearing the doubts of the students ?

Students can clear their doubts on daily basis after the completion of classes. Doubt clearing sessions are also conducted for clearing the doubts.

How does teaching experience of Mitesh Rathi Classes Faculty has?

The Faculty of Mitesh Rathi Classes are very well experienced & focused towards achieving the goal by providing planned, systematic & time bounded coaching. MRC faculty knows the art of extracting the best out of each student by the continuous encouragement. Each faculty possesses an excellent Academic & performance background.

What is the Methodology of Teaching at Mitesh Rathi Classes?

In Mitesh Rathi Classes all the topics are covered efficiently. It includes stepwise process of the completion of Board level along with IIT-JEE Main & Advanced syllabus.

What is Batch Re-Shuffling Tests and how it is beneficial for the students?

Batch Re-shuffling Test creates healthy competitive environment among the students. By this, students are motivated to perform to their best ability so that they can get the best batch. This opportunity is provided to each student irrespective of their past performance.

How are the Study Materials & Test Papers provided by Mitesh Rathi Classes are different from the others?

The Study Materials & Test Papers provided by Mitesh Rathi Classes are original and prepared by MRC's own faculty. These are prepared strictly according to the syllabus & guidelines of various entrance exams. The study material is exhaustive enough to give the required competitive edge to the students. Our study material builds the concept of the students which are tested through our Test Papers. Test papers designed at Mitesh Rathi Classes are not only as per the latest pattern of the Entrance Exams but are also intended to keep the students on toes to get the best out of them.

What is the medium of classroom teaching at MRC?

The medium of instruction is generally English along with the use of Hindi language as & when required. In order to cater to the needs of the students from different academic background and to clear their concepts, both the languages are used. However, the study packages are available in English only.

Why should a student join Two Years Course in MRC?

Our "Two Year integrated Program" is designed according to the increasing level of competition in the engineering entrance exams. Now a days about 55% of the questions asked in these entrance examinations are from Class XI and rest 45% are from Class XII syllabus. So, preparing in the right earnest from class XI is a must for cracking these competitive exams.

What is the authenticity of results of MITESH RATHI CLASSES?

All the results published by MRC are original and the institute has a detailed record of these successful students. MRC has never published or claimed any fake result ever and will never do so in future also. Many coaching institutes often give manipulated results. We never do so as we firmly believe that our teaching methodology, Commitment and Quality are the best.

How does Mitesh Rathi Classes prepare a student separately for CBSE/State Board exams?

The preparation at MRC is based on CBSE as well as State Board Exam syllabus, so during the course of Entrance exams preparation, most of the school syllabus gets automatically covered. We also conduct the classes for preparation of class XI & XII syllabus simultaneously.

How is the student attendance of a student ensured in the classes?

Proper classroom attendance records of the students are maintained and monitored. Any student who is not attending the classes without prior information is called on Daily Basis by our counsellors. The institute is very strict in maintaining proper discipline. Regular absentees from the Class Tests are reprimanded. Careless attitude towards classroom and Test Series attendance can lead to the termination or cancellation of admission of the student by the centre authorities.

Why a student should join Two Years Course in MRC?

Our "Two Year integrated Program" is designed according to the increasing level of competition in the engineering entrance exams. Now-a-days about 55% of the questions asked in these entrance examinations are from Class XI and rest 45% are from Class XII syllabus. So, preparing in the right earnest from class XI is a must for cracking these competitive exams.

I am an average student in 11th class and my percentage of marks is very less. Can I score 85% in 12th standard, if I take coaching from Mitesh Rathi Classes?

Yes, Mitesh Rathi Classes follows a stepwise process of Course completion. First of all Board level topics are covered before covering JEE-Main & Advanced level. With the guidance of our experienced faculty you can easily achieve the desired percentage.

It is said that getting seat in IIT

It is wiser to join MRC in 10th class for the 3 year program However, MRC has specially designed a 2 year program to ensure your place in IITs.

Can I repeat the JEE MAIN -2016 if I don

Yes, In Mitesh Rathi Classes there is a special batch called Dropper's batch through which you can achieve your goal.

If I join Mitesh Rathi Classes in 12th class for JEE-Main, what about the preparation on syllabus of 11th class?

In Mitesh Rathi Classes after the completion of 12th class syllabus, 11th class the preparation on syllabus will be revised thoroughly.

When is the 11th class syllabus completed in MRC?

The 11th class syllabus is completed 2 months prior to the school exams. Thereafter, Revision classes will also be conducted.

Can I take a short term coaching for JEE Main & Advanced from Mitesh Rathi Classes?

Around the 3rd week of March, after the completion of 12th Board exams, MRC starts a Short Term Course for JEE Mains & Advanced.

If I join MRC for JEE Advanced course from class 12th onwards, will I get the study material?

Yes, an exhaustive & well prepared printed Study Material for both board as well as JEE Main & Advanced level will be provided to all the students.

I want to know if MRC provides any scholarship or fee deduction to the students.

Yes, for getting scholarship, students should register for the Screening Test. Based on the performance in the Screening Test, scholarship in the form of fee deduction is offered.

Is there any Library facility for the students in MRC? If yes, is there any fee applicable?

Library facility is available for all the students of MRC, 7 days a week. No extra fee is charged for this facility.

For how many days per week coaching classes will be conducted for JEE Main/Advanced in Mitesh Rathi Classes?

4 days per week or as per the requirement of the completion of syllabus.

Does Mitesh Rathi Classes provide any contact cum distance learning program for JEE Main & Advanced courses?

At present, Mitesh Rathi Classes is offering only Test Series program for Non-Residents of Bhopal.

Is Mitesh Rathi Classes offering coaching for NTSE?

Yes, Special classes are conducted for all the NTSE aspirants at MRC.

Which coaching Institute is the best in Bhopal for Maths Olympiad?

Mitesh Rathi Classes.

What are the courses offered right now in Mitesh Rathi Classes for 11th & 12th standard students?

Mitesh Rathi Classes offer a "Three stage Program", other than preparing for All Engineering Entrance Tests: (1) Board level Program (2) JEE Main level program (3) JEE Advanced program.

Is Mitesh Rathi Classes offering coaching for CA course?

No, Mitesh Rathi Classes is not offering coaching for CA course.

When are the Registrations of crash course for JEE Main/Advanced 2017, opened at MRC?

Around 20th of March 2017, Mitesh Rathi Classes will offer crash course for JEE main as well as advanced courses for 2017.

FAQs about JEE Main/Advanced & Board Improvement

What is Computer Based Examination (Online mode)?

Computer Based Exam will be conducted using the Local Area Network (LAN) to make it safe, secure and un-interrupted.

What are the advantages in opting for Computer Based Examination?
  • The candidate can review or re-answer any question at any point of time during the examination.
  • The candidate can change the option of the answer during the exam.
  • The candidate also has the option to mark any answer for review at later stage during the examination.
  • There will be a panel on computer screen showing the entire questions in different colour scheme indicating the questions answered, left or un-answered and marked for review.
  • Candidate gets the flexibility in choosing the exam date of his/her choice as per his/her convenience.
It will make candidate feel confident in the use of information technology.
How to apply and what is the last date of applying for computer based exam?

Candidates can apply through JEE (Main) website. The last date is 17th Jan, 2018 as per the declared schedule.

What are the dates for Computer Based Examination?

The dates of examination are on 9th & 11th April, 2018 respectively.

What computer knowledge is required to appear for Computer Based Examination?

The candidates need to know how to use computer mouse, which is sufficient to write the examination successfully.

What will be the medium of Computer Based Examination?

The medium of examination will determined zone-wise as-

The medium of Examination Centre Cities in Gujarat, Daman & Diu and Dadra & Nagar Haveli will be in English, Hindi and Gujarati. The medium of Examination Centre Cities in Madhya Pradesh will be in English and Hindi. The medium of Examination Centre Cities in Maharashtra will be in English, Hindi, Marathi and Urdu.

Can a candidate get an examination centre of his/her choice?

The Candidate can opt for city of his/her choice as per the list of computer based exam cities at the time of filling application form only.

How secure is the computer based examination?

It is very secure with zero error possibility as human intervention is minimal.

How a candidate can practice for Computer Based Examination?

The Mock Test is available on CBSE/JEE websites. The Candidate can download the same and practice as many times as he/she wants. This will give look and feel of the format of Computer Based Exam in similar environment.

What will happen in case there is some problem in computer during the examination?

There will be surplus computers available at the examination centers to take care of such problems and the time lost in change of system will be duly compensated as each and every second will be recorded by the server.

Will there be a question booklet like in offline examination?

In Computer Based Examination the questions will appear on computer screen along with the answer options. Instruction page will also be displayed before the actual test begins. The time of reading of instructions will not be part of examination.

Will a candidate get the question paper of computer based examination as he/she gets in Pen and Paper based exam?

Yes, the question paper along with the options marked will be mailed to each and every candidate after the exam schedule is over.

If a candidate wants to opt for B.E/B.Tech & B.Planning /B.Arch of computer based exam, then how will a candidate appear for B. Arch / B Planning exam?

His / Her B.E. / B.Tech Exam will be conducted in computer based exam mode and B. Planning / B. Arch in offline mode in the same city.

In case a student fails to book his session for online examination after paying the fees, how will he/she know about the date and session of the exam?

If a candidate does not make any selection, he/she shall be randomly assigned a slot/date as per the availability of the same as mentioned in the information bulletin. Details of session and slot will be given on the admit card which can be downloaded from second week of March, 2018.

Is there a provision for students who wish to appear for both exams at different centres (Paper-1 be Computer based & Paper -2 being pen & paper based)?

Since Paper-2 is only in offline mode, a student who is appearing for both the papers, paper- 1 being online mode and paper 2 being offline mode will only get such centres that have facility for both the modes of examinations. For example: Test centres for this could be PATNA: PEN & PAPER BASED and COMPUTER BASED. Kindly refer to appendix 2 of the information bulletin. Two different roll no and separate admit cards cannot be issued to a candidate to appear at different centres for paper 1 and 2 separately.

What is the Eligibility for private candidates?

Year of Appearance in Qualifying Examination (QE), only those candidates who have passed their Class 12th Exam or any equivalent qualifying examination in 2016 or 2017; or those who are appearing in their Class 12th Exam or any equivalent qualifying examination in 2018 are eligible to appear in JEE (Main) 2018. Candidates who passed Class 12th/Qualifying examination in 2015 or before as well as those who will appear in such examination in 2018 or later are not eligible to appear in JEE (Main)- 2018. Candidates who appeared in class 12th/equivalent Qualifying Examinations in 2015, did not pass in 2015, but passed in 2016 are also not eligible to appear in JEE (Main) 2018. This criteria is applicable for both private and regular candidates. Private candidate can fill xxx against the school name column.

What is Eligibility for Diploma Students in JEE-Main 2018?

Yes, to appear in JEE (Advanced) a diploma holder can apply in JEE Main 2018 but his rank and score for JEE (Main) will not be declared as diploma holders cannot apply for admission in NITs and CFTIs through JEE (Main) channel.

If a candidate has passed in 2016 & has appeared for improvement in 2017 & is again going for improvement in 2018, what he will fill in the academic details?

In this case, he/she will fill in as under:
Year of Passing 12th / Qualifying Examination : 2016
Roll Number of either year: 2016/2017 (as per candidate's wish)
Percentage of same year as the roll number provided: 2016/2017
Appearing for Improvement of Class 12th/Qualifying Examination: YES
Further it is clarified in the Information Bulletin , the marks of Class 12th /equivalent qualifying examination will be displayed on the website of JEE (Main) during the second week of June 2018. The candidates will have to verify these marks and confirm on the website. In case of any discrepancy, the candidate should upload the copy of the mark-sheet online only latest by 25th June 2018 on JEE (Main) website. During this period i.e. after the declaration of result of qualifying examination, the candidate may update their request to consider the total marks of a mark-sheet having better marks out of the mark-sheet of passing year or improvement year.

Which thumb impression should be used while filling JEE-Main 2018 form?

As per Information Bulletin, left hand thumb for boys and right hand thumb for girls have to be provided but in case wrong thumb impression is already uploaded, the candidates are required to apply same thumb impression on the attendance sheet during examination as provided in the online application.

In case Photograph is not having name and date, would the form be rejected?

Name of the candidate and date on which the photograph is taken is to be mentioned on the photograph, but in case uploaded photograph does not have name and date, the form will not be rejected and no correction is required in such a case.

How will an NRI or a foreign student enter his/her mobile number?

Such candidates can enter the mobile number against the field of landline number.

Will a candidate have a choice to change the mode of examination?

Yes, but a candidate can change the mode of examination from pen and paper examination to computer based examination only.

What mistakes cannot be corrected during month of January 2018 when the corrections will be allowed by the Board?

Change in examination centre, Academic details, mode of examination from computer based to pen and paper based and change in date of computer based examination will not be normally allowed.

While paying the fee, what a candidate can do in case of failed transaction?

If the payment status of online transaction (by credit/debit card) is not communicated by payment gateway in real time then fee payment is not completed. After reconciliation if the amount is found debited, the same will be processed at payment gateway for refund. Candidates are required to pay the fees again either through online transaction or by e- challan and to download the acknowledgement page. Your amount will be refunded back within 7 to 10 days. Use internet explorer 6 or above.

Why are there no sample papers for offline exams?

The mock test available on website is for all the candidates who have opted either for pen and paper based mode or computer based mode. However it is also for practice purpose and to give candidates look and feel of the Computer Based Examination (CBE). Questions from the previous years are uploaded on CBSE website.

What are HSC vocational courses?

Different states can have different HSC vocational courses, so students of different states will have to verify it from their particular state.

Whether the Hindi Medium paper will come in both the languages?

Yes, Hindi medium paper will be bilingual.

What if a candidate has no thumb?

He/ She can upload impression of finger or foot thumb also and same should be applied on the attendance sheet during examination.

Maharashtra board ne 2 cut off marks diye hai (1) Out of 600 & (2) Out of 500. To mujhe usme se konsa lagu hai?
               Mujhe 12th mein Physics, Chemistry, Maths, English, each of 100 marks, and Electronics (200 marks), Enviornment (50 marks) ke hai.

The marks you score in these five subjects will be considered: (1) Physics, (2) Chemistry, (3) Mathematics, (4) English and (5) Either Electronics or Environment  the one in which you score more. If the marks awarded are not out of 100, then it will be scaled (up or down) to 100.

What are HSC vocational courses?

Different states can have different HSC vocational courses, so students of different states will have to verify it from their particular state.

I got 80% marks in 2017 Class XII examination. Am I eligible to appear for JEE (Advanced) Examination in 2018 with the aforesaid marks?

To appear in JEE (Advanced) 2016, a candidate must fulfil each and every one of the five criteria. See Eligibility Criteria for Appearing in JEE (Advanced) 2018 Brochure  for complete information.
Note that according to these criteria, you can appear for JEE (Advanced) 2018 provided you appeared for the Class XII examination for the first time in all the subjects in 2017. However, if you appeared for the first time in your Class XII (or equivalent) examination in 2016 or earlier, then you are NOT eligible.

Its mentioned that the JEE (Advanced) 2018 will have objective type (multiple choice) questions. However, will there be more than 1 correct type questions?

These details will be made known only on the day of the examination. These will be given on the question papers. Read the instructions carefully before attempting to answer the questions. Instructions for Paper 21 MAY or MAY NOT be same as those for Paper 1.

I appeared for the Class XII examination in 2016. Can I register for JEE (Advanced) 2018?

No. Only candidates who appeared for the Class XII examination for the first time in all subjects in 2017 or will appear in 2018 are eligible to appear in JEE (Advanced) 2018. See Eligibility Criteria for Appearing in JEE (Advanced) 2018 Brochure.

I have taken admission into one of the NITs in 2017. Am I eligible for JEE (Advanced) 2018?

Yes. Candidates who have taken admissions in NITs in 2017 are also eligible for appearing in JEE (Advanced) 2018, if they satisfy all other eligibility criteria given here.

I have accepted seat through JoSAA 2017. Am I eligible for JEE (Advanced) 2018?

If you have accepted seat in IITs/ISM then you are NOT eligible for JEE (Advanced) 2018. However, if you have accepted a seat in NITs/IIITs/Other GFTIs through JoSAA 2017 then you are eligible for JEE (Advanced) 2018.

I have taken admission in one of the IITs/ISM for preparatory course. Am I eligible for JEE (Advanced) 2018?

Yes. You are eligible for JEE (Advanced) 2018 subject to fulfilling other eligible criteria.

Writing Paper-1 and Paper-2 in JEE (Advanced) 2018 compulsory?

Yes, it is compulsory. If a candidate is absent in one of the papers, then the candidate will be considered as absent in the examination.

Can I get question paper in Hindi language?

Yes. JEE (Advanced) 2018 offers question papers in two languages: English and Hindi. Candidates have to choose the language option during the JEE (Advanced) 2018 registration.

Can I get question papers in English as well as in Hindi?

Candidates will get only one question paper - either English question paper or Hindi question paper but not both.

Will the question paper be bilingual (both in Hindi and English)?

No. Candidate will get the question papers in only one language (English or Hindi).

If I am absent in one of the papers, will my result be declared?

You will be considered absent in the examination and the result will not be prepared. It is compulsory to appear in both the papers for result preparation.

Are PIO and OCI card holders eligible to appear in JEE (Advanced) 2018?

Yes. All foreign nationals including PIO and OCI card holders are eligible. Please refer to the relevant section of Information Brochure for more information.

I am a defense service personnel. Can my child get a seat under DS category?

Not all defense service personnels' children are eligible for DS category seats. DS category seats are earmarked for children of defence / paramilitary personnel killed or permanently disabled in action during war or peacetime operations.

During examination can I modify my answers bubbled on ORS?

No. Since the bubbling on ORS is done using only black ball point pen, candidates cannot modify the answers once bubbled.