Admission Process

Admission Process for Mitesh Rathi Classes:

At Mitesh Rathi Classes, we aim to provide high-quality coaching and guidance to our students. Our admission process is designed to ensure a fair and transparent selection of students who are motivated to excel in their academic pursuits. Below is a step-by-step guide to the admission process:


Screening Test:

Prospective students are required to appear for a screening test that assesses their knowledge and aptitude in relevant subjects.
The screening test is designed to evaluate the student's understanding of fundamental concepts and their readiness for the coaching program. The test will cover subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & Mental Ability, depending on the course applied for.


  1.  Up to 100 % Scholarship being rewarded.

  2.  Early Admission gets up to 100 % Scholarship completely, afterwards the Scholarship Criteria gets revised per the seat availability.

Admission on the Basis of Screening Test Result with Discounted Fees:

Based on the performance in the screening test, candidates will be selected for admission. Successful candidates will be offered admission with discounted fees as a reward for their academic excellence in the screening test.
The discounted fees aim to make quality education more accessible to deserving students.



After receiving the admission offer, candidates are required to complete the documentation process promptly.
The following documents must be submitted:


Fee Payment:

Once the documentation is verified, candidates are required to make the necessary fee payment as per the fee structure.
The discounted fees, as applicable based on the screening test results, should be paid within the specified timeframe to confirm the admission.



After completing the admission formalities, students will be invited to attend an orientation program.
The orientation session will provide essential information about the course structure, faculty, study materials, and other important aspects of the coaching program. It is an opportunity for students to familiarize themselves with the coaching institution's policies and expectations. The date of which will be conveyed to the students via email or telephone call.

Note: The admission process at Mitesh Rathi Classes is conducted fairly, and all candidates are encouraged to prepare diligently for the screening test. We believe in nurturing talent and providing a conducive learning environment for our students to achieve academic success.

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